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thumb_DPV_9365Janet was brought up in a suburb of South London. Not easily daunted by adversity, she ran her own business at the age of twenty-six, repairing dot matrix printer heads, which can be found in (ATM) cash machines. Due to a traumatic event, she left the company in 1996, having acquired a range of skills, including NLP, which she made good use of. She went on to work in a variety of industries and gained a broad view of business, moving to Sussex in 2002. However, when sudden illness struck, Janet faced an uncertain future. With the support of her daughter, she turned to what she knew – NLP. She realised that self motivation and determination play an important part in any recovery.

Janet qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner in 2008, in order to share her steps to recovery with others, she also offers Life Coaching, Talking Therapy, Workshops and Training sessions. ‘Self Awareness is key to dealing with obstacles in life,’ she told a workgroup, she ran in Tunbridge Wells. ‘And wanting to make changes in your life is the first step to gaining that Self Awareness.’  Janet has an international client base. If you want to learn more about Janet’s own journey, take a look at her personal page.

The tools of NLP are widely used in business, education, the police, government, law, sales, sport and health. To make any change in your life, you first have to recognise it is possible.

Fear and faith have something in common, they ask us to believe in something we can not see …Joel Osteen