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Alcohol Recovery Programme

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This is an 8 week programme, alcoholic bio-recovery, based on years of research and successful treatment outcomes showing significantly improved numbers of people remaining in sobriety 3 1/2 years after their treatment (78% clinical trial), against those that do not undertake any healing and re-balancing of their bodies chemical well-being (10% to 33% worldwide).
People who have used this programme, the world-over have stated that its benefits include the reduction or disappearance of ‘cravings’.

It is an easy logic to follow that because our moods are all determined by the chemical reactions in our body; a process of bio-chemical re-balancing after years or even months of ‘chemical abuse’ of our body’s chemistry and then maintaining a healthy balance will also significantly improve the levelling out of our moods.

This structured 8 – week recovery programme also aligns the production of supplements, vitamins and nutrients with products available here in the UK.

To find your detox protocol you will need a full clinical assessment:

The first part of the process is an in depth assessment to assess your alcoholic bio-type and whether this programme would be suitable for you. The alcoholic bio-type shows 6 ways in which our bodies respond to alcohol and can help identify which nutrients need to change, so cravings disappear and anxiety/ stress levels then reduce and energy levels increase.

This programme can be used for those who have stopped drinking and want to ‘stay stopped’ as a maintenance programme or for those who are still drinking and want to stop.

For full details about this programme, please call and we will put you in touch with Mark who has an impressive 18 years of experience in substance misuse and recovery. We are happy to speak with those who believe they have a drinking problem or family members, concerned about a loved one. All communication is treated in strict confidence.

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