Reach For The Skies

Be in charge of your future

Be the change you want to see in the world

When you hear of ‘life-long learning’, you often think of day or evening classes and think of languages or hobbies. If you could change just by awakening your heart in a safe way, imagine how powerful that would be. Transforming your life is never easy and never stops, we continue to grow, learn, feel and sometimes recognise where we went wrong and it is that recognition we leads us to a happier life. Regrets, we have all had a few but what is important is what we learned from the experience -we are not perfect and live in an un-perfect world.

Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand – I see and have been self-destructive, I recognise talent and the ability in others, who don’t see it in themselves, that magic wand would change all that. However, I realise change is a process and that transformation is continuous as we become more self-aware, as we open our hearts, mind, body and soul in a way that leads us from destructive behaviour and helps us create the happiness we so rightly deserve .