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Just who are you?

woman standing uid 1085356Be Perfect – perfectionist, Critical of self and others, Detail focused, Sensitive to criticism, Organised, Over responsible, Smart dresser.

Be Strong – Don’t show emotion, Quiet, Withdrawn, Solitary, Calm in a crisis, Stoic, Keep their own counsel

Hurry Up – Overload themselves, Always rushing, Get lots done, Often late, Focused on quantity, Talk quickly, Hit the deck running.

Please others – Smile a lot, Party people, Social butterfly, Emotional, Team players, Caring, Pleasing.

Try Hard – Creative, Can foresee problems, Playful, Rebellious, Like high stimulation, Don’t finish things, Easily distracted.

Understanding ourselves and others can be a key component or our success in life and as a person. In 1974 Kahler and Capers identified five common Drivers behaviours: Be strong, Hurry up, Be Perfect, Try hard and Please others. Listed above are both positve and negative aspects to each of them.