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What is NLP?

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Confused man with green question mark above his head uid 1278890Our beliefs and past experiences make up our internal map of the world, which we use to operate. Some peoples map may seem bizarre, self destructive, cruel and unfathomable, but this is the way they see the world.

When our internal map becomes altered or damaged in some way, it is more difficult for us to navigate and sometimes we go off track.

NLP allows you to change that map, allowing you the freedom of choice to deal with anxiety, phobias, stress, pain and illness.

What is NLP?

Richard Bandler and John Grinder originally developed NLP to explain how we process the information that comes into us from the world around us. It began in the 1970s as a model of how we communicate to others and ourselves by studying great leaders, communicators and human communication in general.
Every external event comes into us through our senses, which is then filtered or altered according to our internal representational systems. It might amaze you to know that words and detail account for only 7% of this, tonality 38% and physiology 55%.

You came  a long way since smallIt is argued that a baby in the womb experiences outside events through its mother

Over the years NLP has grown by adding practical tools and methods generated by modelling exceptional people. These tools are used in sports, business, education,health,the police,training, sales, law and education