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Our everyday lives

During our everyday lives when an external event happens, we run that event through our internal processing. We then make an internal representation of that event and this creates a state, which can be happy, sad, motivated and so on. The internal representations we make about an outside event are not necessarily the event itself.

Conscious and unconscious mind –

People with headachesWe can hold several pieces of information at any one time. A telephone number may consist of 10 digits, which we can memorise and then turn into a ‘chunk’ of information, storing several of these ’chunks’ in our short term memory.

This is our conscious mind. The unconscious stores everything that is not held in our conscious mind including differing thoughts, feelings, emotions, resources, possibilities and experiences.

When we need this information we can often bring it into our conscious mind or sometimes a conscious trigger can bring unconscious thoughts or memories, making us relive past events.

Our everyday mask covers our fears, anxieties, phobias, but when our internal and external balance is out of sync it can affect us both physically and mentally.

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