Reach For The Skies

Be in charge of your future


I had relationship problems and when that came to an end, felt guilty about the past relationship where I had been less than honest. Becoming more self aware made me realise that my needs were not being met and I learnt to let go of the past with the help of Janet and the NLP techniques she showed me so that I can be honest with myself and my new relationship ….. Mr RG Aged 59, West Sussex

Janet helped me with my daughter, who was 8 and demonstrating anger issues, refusing to go to bed on time and becoming destructive, hurtful with words and actions and having temper tantrums. My GP wanted to use medication but Janet was able to help her move through her anger and understand what was upsetting her….. Mrs TP, East Sussex

Janet helped me through a difficult marriage break-up when my wife left me for someone else. I now recognise my part in the break-up and have been able to let go of negative feelings and am able to stop this taking over my life. I have now moved on in a more positive way ….. Mr TE, Aged 56, Surrey

I had thought of taking my own life and am only here today by luck and meeting Janet who helped me see the world differently ….. Mrs AV, 63, East Sussex

I have suffered from depression as a result of a traumatic childhood. I was unable to work, suffered with anxiety, especially in social situations. I am now able to understand I could not prevent the past and do not want it to affect my future, thank you Janet ….. Miss KD, 28, London